Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fanmade 2D Mario Video

I was browsing around the internet and stumbled upon this gem. I love things like this and it makes me wanna go out and buy some melty beads to create my own.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Brand New Drinking Game From Your Favorite Nerd!

So last Monday, my roommate and I were drinking together when I was struck with a new idea, a pokemon card drinking game. I started going through some of my useless cards and here is what I came up with.

okay, here are the cards you need
4 30hp grass pokemon
4 30hp water pokemon
4 30hp fire pokemon
3 50hp grass pokemon
3 50hp water pokemon
3 50hp fire pokemon
4 70hp grass pokemon
4 70hp water pokemon
4 70hp fire pokemon
4 90hp grass pokemon
4 90hp water pokemon
4 90hp fire pokemon

so, once you have your deck together shuffle it up and deal it back and forth between two people with a loser shot waiting in the middle of the table. without looking at the cards the two opponents begin playing a game of war with these rules. grass defeats water, water defeats fire, and fire defeats grass. if the types are the same then it goes down to hp. if two identical cards are drawn then place two cards face down and then flip a third to see who wins the whole lot. whoever wins takes the cards and places them in a pile. once both decks are empty, count up how many you have taken and whoever took the most wins. the loser takes the shot. REPEAT! This game is great way to get drunk and exercise your love of Pokemon at the same time. ENJOY!


The Importance of Girlfriends

Erin and myself as Green Arrow
and Black Canary
As most know, last week was thanksgiving(didn't you get the memo?(Batman Begins quotes ftw!(can you put parentheses in parentheses?))). Grammar anomalies aside, I spent this thanksgiving in Chicago with my girlfriend Erin. During this time, I thought about what effect having a girlfriend had an my nerdiness, and I recently concluded it has made me nerdier. I began dating Erin shortly before becoming increasingly interested in comics and Pokemon and those interests have done nothing but increase in the past 14 months. I am required to say that my girlfriend does not share the same amount of fandom I do, but she has always been supportive of my interests. In fact, I consider it a blessing that she has different interests because being with her becomes an escape from nerdiness when I need it. Being with her also helps me circumvent the lonely nerd stereotype that often plagues ignorant minds. Anyway, I wish to extend my gratitude to my lovely girlfriend and to all significant others of nerds out there. P.S. nerd halloween is a lot better with a counterpart.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nerd Perks #1 Webcomics!

One of my favorite recent XKCD
One of the greatest things that ever happened to nerds was the creation and expansion of the internet. No matter the nerd domain of choice, online video games, forums digital comics, torrenting or memes, there is a large home for it on the internet. This may seem like a pointless comment, but for nerdy people who do not live in metropolitan areas or have trouble finding like minded people, the internet is  a godsend. Since nerds tend to be a rather opinionated bunch, I enjoy scrolling through comments and opinions of nerds across the globe.
 All internet praising aside, I must say that my favorite interne nerds are those who choose to publish. That's right I am talking about web comics. About 3 years ago I started seriously following webcomics and I continue today because they are really good. Comics like XKCD, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, The Oatmeal, Doghouse Diaries, and Cyanide and Happiness are in my opinion some of the best places to look when searching for a laugh. They run the gamut from heavy handed shock humour to witty jokes about physics,  most of which I only understand because I got an A in the one physics class I took. If you are ever looking for a laugh, check these sites out.
  On a nerdier note, two of my favorite webcomics deal almost exclusively with comics news andhumour. Let's Be Friends Again, and the Gutters deliver both quality art and great jokes that both poke fun at and celebrate the world of comics.
  To wrap up, the few I have listed just scratch the surface of quality nerdy webcomics out there. I also would like to send out a request to the nerd community to publish everything they do. It is not that hard to throw something up online and somebody may just get lucky and make a few bucks doing it.


Links to mentioned comics

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Bit More About Myself

I figured since this blog is all about my experience as a nerd I would give a little background on myself. Since I was a kid, I have really enjoyed things like superheroes, video games, fantasy novels, and Pokemon. The only thing that has changed since I was a kid is that now I can delve deeper into these topics and come out with some interesting analysis about my life and why people love nerdy things.
My roommate Josh this past halloween
  Comics are the most recent interest of mine. I always loved superheroes, but they often were just movie or tv characters to me. It was not until I met my friend and current roommate Josh that I started reading more graphic novels and trade paperbacks. He showed me the amazing potential comics had to tell stories that amaze, inspire, and teach. I now follow about 11 books from month to month, excluding what Josh gets even though I follow those as well. I believe that when written the correct way, comics can be just as insightful as modern literature.
  My love for Pokemon started at the beginning, the beginning being 1998, when I was 6. I have never stopped playing the games and I have recently returned to the trading card game. I think the Pokemon universe, while not particularly phenomenal from a literary standpoint, is full of fun, adventure, and incredible longevity, all while being appropriate for all age groups. Pokemon was a major thing thing when I was a kid and because of that it really has become a part of me and probably many others from my generation.

Leave your own story about how you became interested in your nerd domain, I would love to hear it.

A Brief Introduction

Hello, and welcome to Nerd About Town. I created this blog in hopes of better recording and sharing my nerdy experiences. I am a full time student studying economics and business at Hendrix college, but originally hail from Oak Park, a western suburb of Chicago. I love Pokemon and play the trading card game competitively. I also enjoy reading and discussing comics and graphic novels. That covers the basics, I hope you enjoy.