Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Brand New Drinking Game From Your Favorite Nerd!

So last Monday, my roommate and I were drinking together when I was struck with a new idea, a pokemon card drinking game. I started going through some of my useless cards and here is what I came up with.

okay, here are the cards you need
4 30hp grass pokemon
4 30hp water pokemon
4 30hp fire pokemon
3 50hp grass pokemon
3 50hp water pokemon
3 50hp fire pokemon
4 70hp grass pokemon
4 70hp water pokemon
4 70hp fire pokemon
4 90hp grass pokemon
4 90hp water pokemon
4 90hp fire pokemon

so, once you have your deck together shuffle it up and deal it back and forth between two people with a loser shot waiting in the middle of the table. without looking at the cards the two opponents begin playing a game of war with these rules. grass defeats water, water defeats fire, and fire defeats grass. if the types are the same then it goes down to hp. if two identical cards are drawn then place two cards face down and then flip a third to see who wins the whole lot. whoever wins takes the cards and places them in a pile. once both decks are empty, count up how many you have taken and whoever took the most wins. the loser takes the shot. REPEAT! This game is great way to get drunk and exercise your love of Pokemon at the same time. ENJOY!