Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Importance of Girlfriends

Erin and myself as Green Arrow
and Black Canary
As most know, last week was thanksgiving(didn't you get the memo?(Batman Begins quotes ftw!(can you put parentheses in parentheses?))). Grammar anomalies aside, I spent this thanksgiving in Chicago with my girlfriend Erin. During this time, I thought about what effect having a girlfriend had an my nerdiness, and I recently concluded it has made me nerdier. I began dating Erin shortly before becoming increasingly interested in comics and Pokemon and those interests have done nothing but increase in the past 14 months. I am required to say that my girlfriend does not share the same amount of fandom I do, but she has always been supportive of my interests. In fact, I consider it a blessing that she has different interests because being with her becomes an escape from nerdiness when I need it. Being with her also helps me circumvent the lonely nerd stereotype that often plagues ignorant minds. Anyway, I wish to extend my gratitude to my lovely girlfriend and to all significant others of nerds out there. P.S. nerd halloween is a lot better with a counterpart.