Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Bit More About Myself

I figured since this blog is all about my experience as a nerd I would give a little background on myself. Since I was a kid, I have really enjoyed things like superheroes, video games, fantasy novels, and Pokemon. The only thing that has changed since I was a kid is that now I can delve deeper into these topics and come out with some interesting analysis about my life and why people love nerdy things.
My roommate Josh this past halloween
  Comics are the most recent interest of mine. I always loved superheroes, but they often were just movie or tv characters to me. It was not until I met my friend and current roommate Josh that I started reading more graphic novels and trade paperbacks. He showed me the amazing potential comics had to tell stories that amaze, inspire, and teach. I now follow about 11 books from month to month, excluding what Josh gets even though I follow those as well. I believe that when written the correct way, comics can be just as insightful as modern literature.
  My love for Pokemon started at the beginning, the beginning being 1998, when I was 6. I have never stopped playing the games and I have recently returned to the trading card game. I think the Pokemon universe, while not particularly phenomenal from a literary standpoint, is full of fun, adventure, and incredible longevity, all while being appropriate for all age groups. Pokemon was a major thing thing when I was a kid and because of that it really has become a part of me and probably many others from my generation.

Leave your own story about how you became interested in your nerd domain, I would love to hear it.