Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nerd Perks #1 Webcomics!

One of my favorite recent XKCD
One of the greatest things that ever happened to nerds was the creation and expansion of the internet. No matter the nerd domain of choice, online video games, forums digital comics, torrenting or memes, there is a large home for it on the internet. This may seem like a pointless comment, but for nerdy people who do not live in metropolitan areas or have trouble finding like minded people, the internet is  a godsend. Since nerds tend to be a rather opinionated bunch, I enjoy scrolling through comments and opinions of nerds across the globe.
 All internet praising aside, I must say that my favorite interne nerds are those who choose to publish. That's right I am talking about web comics. About 3 years ago I started seriously following webcomics and I continue today because they are really good. Comics like XKCD, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, The Oatmeal, Doghouse Diaries, and Cyanide and Happiness are in my opinion some of the best places to look when searching for a laugh. They run the gamut from heavy handed shock humour to witty jokes about physics,  most of which I only understand because I got an A in the one physics class I took. If you are ever looking for a laugh, check these sites out.
  On a nerdier note, two of my favorite webcomics deal almost exclusively with comics news andhumour. Let's Be Friends Again, and the Gutters deliver both quality art and great jokes that both poke fun at and celebrate the world of comics.
  To wrap up, the few I have listed just scratch the surface of quality nerdy webcomics out there. I also would like to send out a request to the nerd community to publish everything they do. It is not that hard to throw something up online and somebody may just get lucky and make a few bucks doing it.


Links to mentioned comics