Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Library Doesn't Want Me To Have Free Time

This past Wednesday, when stuck on a delayed plane, I was thumbing through Atomic-Robo and I thought, "Does the Oak Park library have a collection of graphic novels?" The answer I found was yes, they have many graphic novels. While this was initially cause for excitement, my thoughts soon turned to dread as I realized the number of volumes they had that I wanted to read. I quickly resigned myself to the fact that by the time I return to Hendrix, that number may be zero.
The library, I am guessing this applies for many libraries, has a surprisingly good source of graphic novels. While I lament the amount of time I will spend reading instead of doing less productive things, I am glad I will be able to knock several books off of my must read list, which seems to be constantly expanding. In conclusion (this post is a bit shorter than normal) investing in reading graphic novels really doesn't have to be an investment, at least not financially.