Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 Reasons Why I am Worried and excited About The Dark Knight Rises

I was originally going to make this a catchall for superhero movies this year but I watched The Dark Knight Rises trailer again and found I could give it its own list. I then watched the trailer once more and started getting exited, so I have created a brief list of what I like so far, and what I think wont work. Be cautious as there might be spoilers ahead.

I'll start with what I like-

3.  It will be in IMAX:
While I doubt TDKR will be all about the visuals, it is easy to expect some pretty cool and exciting scenes from a Christopher Nolan Batman movie. I will gladly shell out however much it will cost to see super-sized battle between Batman and Bane.

2. More continuity between the series:
After a brief look at the cast list on imdb, I noticed that actor Josh Pence is cast as a young Ra's Al Ghul. This took me by surprise as there was no mention of Ra's in The Dark Knight, so I had assumed Nolan had let that pass. This casting obviously feeds the rumor that Talia Al Ghul, Ra's' daughter, will be appearing in the film as Marion Cotillard. I really hope this is the case as I feel Talia has never really been known outside of the comics. This would also add some obvious continuity to the series which I always felt The Dark Knight lacked.

1. Who is Joseph Gordon Levitt playing?:
I have been searching around about this for a while now and I keep finding more and more rumors. Some are rather mundane while others enjoy making big hidden conspiracies. We know his name is John Blake and he is seen in a police uniform but that seems to be about it. The most mundane I have heard was that JGL was playing a cop who happens to be on the case of investigating Batman. The next step up is that he is a cop working for batman. My favorite conspiracy that I have heard is that JGL appears in a flashback where he is the joker before his life of crime. The person I read this from used this as evidence JOhn BlaKE, take the bold letters and you have JOKE. Wether that means something or not it is pretty nifty.

 On top of all these I offer my own theory, JGL is a cop working for Batman who takes up his mantle after Batman is temporarily taken out by Bane. This would not be too far off from what happened in the "Knightfall" comics which I will expand upon later on. I like the sense of mystery, it will either be really interesting or over hyped, but I will take it either way.

Now the things that keep me up at night-

3. Dark Knight Rises looks a lot like "Knightfall"/ "Legacy":
If you enjoy batman comics, or can read a wikipedia article, you can see that Bane has only been the main villain in a few of arcs, the two I focus on are "Knightfall" and "Legacy". In "Knightfall", Bane seeks to defeat Batman so he releases criminals and attacks Batman when he is tired thus breaking his back. In "Legacy", Bane meets Ra's Al Ghul and quickly becomes his heir, they then have the obligation to go fight Batman (what else would they do?). Put these two arcs together add a little creative license and you have my prediction of the TDKR storyline. We know Ra's Al Ghul is in the film, at least as a flashback, and if the rumors of Talia Al Ghul are true, then it is safe to predict that Talia and Bane, her fathers heir, team up to defeat Batman and destroy Gotham. We know Bane wants Gotham in ashes, at least that is what it sounds like he is saying in the trailer.

Now, the only reason I put this in the bad list is because if this is the gist of the storyline, then I am a little disappointed that it can come unraveled by reading imdb and wikipedia. "Knightfall" is a great arc and seeing a film version would be wonderful. It will probably  be a good story, but I really hope I am wrong with this prediction.

2. Bane:
Bane is a recently new Batman villain. He was only created 20 years ago, which is nothing in Batman years. However, as most of the older villains have been portrayed several times, most of them not very well, it makes sense that Nolan chose Bane, and hopefully Talia, for this film.

My complaint comes from how he is portrayed. I understand that Nolan's Batman is more realistic than previous incarnations, but Bane may be where I draw the line. If you are going to use a hyperintelligent juiced up muscle man with tubes of steroids coming out of him, make him more intimidating. In all the photos and videos I have seen of Bane, he is about the same size as Batman and outside of the mask, he just looks like a random thug. The nice thing about Batman villains is that if they aren't mobsters or normal criminals, they look pretty scary.

1. Anne Hathaway:
I don't think she is a bad actress, but she never really wowed me in anything she has done. Once again it just comes down to my expectations of characters based on comics and what Nolan wants to see in his film. Her long hair and lack of real cowl bug me, not her fault, and in the trailer she seems like angry harbinger rather than a cunning femme fatale thief. overall, her casting seems at best like a neutral plot point and at worst another bad Catwoman portrayal.

That wraps up my main points. I think I'll like the film but I really hope I am wrong about everything I predicted.