Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Brief Review of The Adventures of Tintin

I recently saw Jackson and Spielberg's new The Adventures of Tintin with my family and while film is not at all my expertise I figured I might as well write something. Although I still haven't read much Tintin, yet I understand its importance in the world of graphic literature. The film adaptation, while not being completely true to "The Secret of the Unicorn" was very entertaining and had an authentic Tintin feel to it. Tintin, famous reporter that he is, incidentally purchases a model ship that has a secret clue to a hidden treasure in it. take about a 20 minute kidnapping break and Tintin finds himself teamed up with a drunk down on his luck sea-captain named Haddock. The two then team up to unravel the mystery of this treasure. It may have been Haddock's many maritime expletives but something about the tone of the film seemed right. I particularly liked that they did not shy away from Haddock's alcoholism and actually made it a vital part of the film, considering it is a PG film. While the 3d may have been unnecessary, the visuals were phenomenal and there were many times I thought the film was live action.

The action, nearly half the movie, scenes were epic in scale but occasionally felt like they were designed to be some kind of amusement park ride. At one point in the film, a large ship swings across the mast of another ship and all I could think about is that carnival ride of a large boat swinging back and forth. However, I would later think "This is a CGI Tintin movie! I would be mad if it didn't have a boat swinging on another boat." All of this aside the sense of chaos and humor in the action sequences adds to the amazing adventure fantasy that everyone wants from a film like this. If you are looking for a adventure movie that remains clever and endearing, go check out Tintin.