Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Justice League, Flash, and Teen Titans on New Comic Wednesday

This was a pretty solid week for my comics. Flash is easily one of my favorite books and Justice League and Teen Titans have been pretty entertaining.

Justice League #5

Darkseid creates havoc, group of independent superheroes fail to unify, nobody takes any major shots at the evil entity, and batman and green lantern are the only people with any important dialogue. I love the idea of the justice League, I love the beginning plot line, I love most of the art, but I can not say I love this book yet. Justice League #5 does less in 40 pages what books like Animal man and the Flash do in 30 pages. There isn't enough action, there isn't enough plot, and coming from a writer like Geoff Johns, I expect a little bit more. Dialogue in many cases, re-hashes scenes from previous panels that requires no recap or added commentary. I understand that Johns likes writing about Green Lantern, he wrote and is still writing some of the best Green Lantern, but he can't neglect the other characters, especially not in these early issue. I think this was mainly a one issue slump, but I expected a bit more characterization in the last few issues of this lead off arch.

Flash #5
Wrapping up the first Flash Arch of the new52, I couldn't be much happier. Flash is a book that balances amazing art with a solid story-line that is both easy to understand and approachable but ends with a nice twist of the supernatural, what else do you want from superheroes? If there is one individual facet of the books that has made me announce out loud, normally to my girlfriend and roommate, my love of this book, it has to be the title pages. Each one has been so original and well drawn and captures the Flash perfectly. The story has progressed well, introducing Barry Allen and keeping the focus on him instead of secondary characters, without ignoring them. My hat is off to Francis Manapul for effectively re-introducing a classic character in to the brand new universe.

Teen Titans #5
Teen Titans have their first major run-in with their super-powered stalker, Superboy. During the scuffle we are essentially treated to a teenage version of the Justice League's current struggle, they don't know how to act like a team and are fighting a foe they an not defeat easily. Red Robin continues to act like the leader he hopes to be but ultimately each character takes their shots at the clone Superboy, he is a clone of superman, instead of collaborating. In the end the story leaves us with some fun fight panels with only minor plot and character development. The only character with some real development is Solstice, who delivers a few repentent lines about some dark past she may have had. I have been enjoying the series, but they can start grasping for more complex story-lines.