Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday List #2 My Top 6 Heroes

Considering my semester just started, I didn't have tons of time to think about lists, so here are my personal favorites.

6. Dr. Strange
Strange is a pretty recent addition to this list, as I recently started reading the Defenders. Strange, if you don't know him, has mastery over magical and mystic powers and in general pretty awesome. despite being suave and intellectual, Strange has been rocking grey streaks in his hair for 50 years.

5. Nightcrawler
Nightcrawler has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. While I didn't read comics then, I did watch the cartoons he was in and I loved the version of him in the film X2. Sadly, by the time I had started reading comics, his character had died and been replaced with an alternate dimension version who is a little to grumpy for my taste. Either way, between his nifty teleportation and his German background, I have studied German since high school, Nightcrawler will probably always be on my list.

4. Black Canary
As Long as you have never read All-Star Batman and Robin, you should be able to agree with the greatness of Black Canary. Along with her proclivity for fishnets, motorcycles, and being an amazing fighter, she can deliver an earsplitting scream that makes a Banshee jealous. Along with her many physical talents, Black Canary is a founding member of the Birds of Prey which to my knowledge is the only all female superhero team.

3. Hellboy
My interest in Hellboy started with the films. I thought the character was pretty nifty so when I began reading comics, I made sure to pick up some of Mike Mignola's work.  Hellboy, has the fun life of being a demon with a heart and a general interest in stopping other paranormal events. His character is dry but tough, and his stories are filled with excitement and incredible folklore. Out of this list, if there were one character definitely worth reading, it is Hellboy.

2. Fantomex
This is another recent addition to the list, but he has rocketed straight to the top. Fantomex is a great mix of human, mutant, and robot. He is sarcastic, clever, and sometimes an ass hole, but he is still lovable. He is also possibly the only character who has both killed Apocalypse and cloned him back to life. He is enigmatic, strange, and according to the last issue of Uncanny X-Force, an anomaly  that only exists in one universe. That ast fact just makes me love him more, because if there is one thing I can not stand, it is the multiverse in comic books.

1. Green Arrow
He is a master archer, a millionaire, and a far left liberal, why wouldn't I love him. He has no superpowers, has been dead at least twice and has some of the greatest facial hair in comics history. He has married Black Canary, been elected mayor of a major city, and is a regular member of the Justice League. I could keep listing off accomplishments but I would rather just say, Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow is my favorite super hero.