Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Uncanny X-Force and Flash in this week's New Comics Wednesday

Okay, only one of the comics I am reviewing today actually came out today. Yet, I missed Flash a few weeks ago so I will add that in today.

Flash #4
Flash has been a pretty solid title since the reboot. Outside of having creative layouts and full page art, Flash has a pretty entertaining story. Between saving airplanes from crashing and learning to think as fast as he runs, Barry Allen investigates the strange reappearance of his old friend, Manny. Manny is not only a specially trained secret operative, there about 20 of him running amok in Central City. Although the first arc hasn't finished yet, the Flash is easily one of my favorite new52 coming up behind Action Comics and Animal Man.

Uncanny X-Force 19-20

I bought the first few issues of Uncanny X-force about a year ago with a vague desire to see Deadpool and Wolverine. I stopped reading for a while, I was dumb. In in a fit of boredom picked it back up today at the shop and I am glad I did. While I love the fun Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Force is a dark team of mutants willing to do what many X-Men shy away from, kill. So far the series has mostly dealt with clones of the evil mutant Apocolypse, but seems to be going in a new direction starting at the end of #19 and through #20. The increased violence is balanced off well with dark sarcasm from Deadpool and Fantomex, while Wolverine and Psylocke seem to have a monopoly on being sad and dramatic. It is a series that is well balanced and I plan on following it for some time.