Sunday, February 12, 2012

Comics Reviews, a much delayed look at JLI, Action, X-men, and Animal Man

 Some of these books are pushing a week and a half since publication, but I think it is important to get down my thoughts when I have a spare moment.

Action Comics #6 continues to to take amore complex turn. We are introduced to the
concept of time travel and superman in the New 52, as well as the Legion of superheroes,
a group of future heroes inspired by Superman. Superman's weakness to kryptonite also
begins to come into play and the story starts to read like a standard Grant Morrison story:
interesting, complex, and at times a little too self referencing and tedious. Action Comics
is easily one of the better books being published, but don't start buying unless you are in it for thelong haul.
Justice League International #6 takes its spot as a standard wrap up and transition
issue in between story arcs. Having defeated the evil space miner from destroying
Earth, the need for the JLI comes under question by the United Nations. The issue
concludes with an easy lead in to the next arc as a group of American political terrorist
keep trying to blow things up. While this issue could easily be shorter, The creative
 team try to keep character interaction and development up in one of the largest
 teams in the DCU. The interactions while being fairly standard, are interesting to
read and the cast is fairly diverse in diction opinion and emotion. If you are looking
for a good place to jump in to the series, check issue #7 next month.

I don't get tired of saying this, Animal Man is wonderful. Even filler issues with
no direct link to the main story are interesting to read. Most of the issue is a portion
of a film starring Buddy Baker, Animal Man. No reference has been made to his
occupation as an actor since the first issue, so it was pretty interesting to see a full
portion of the fictional film. The "film" has its own commentary on super heroics
and is a reminiscent of stories like "Black Freighter" which appeared in "Watchmen".

Don't let the cover fool you, this book is actually really good. Wolverine and the
X-Men #5 continues the many problems facing the newly opened Jean Grey
School. Between a lack of funding, an Apocolypse clone, an apparently pregnant
Kitty Pryde, and the ever-douchey Hellfire Club, there is plenty of material to
deal with. Despite the many characters and subplots, the book is not hard to follow
and everyone gets their fair share of face time. As I have previously stated, if
you can start reading this series, you should, you wont regret it.