Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Nuzlocke Challenge, The comics, the gameplay, and why I feel like subjecting myself to it

Nuzlocke is an alternate form of playing the Pokemon video games. The base rules for gameplay are:

1. You may only capture the first Pokemon you encounter in an area.
2. When a Pokemon is knocked out in battle, you must consider it deceased and set it free.

Anyone familiar with the Pokemon games should know this style of play is a far-cry from the standard rules of Pokemon Play. This form of play was popularized by a blog/webcomic entitled Pokemon Hard-Mode. To read the webcomic, check out

The comic illustrates, and dramatizes, the authors quest through the game as the in game character Ruby. This premise naturally leads to many Pokemon jokes, as well as several Lost references, and is sometimes as sad as it is funny. Considering that as a kid I felt like Pokemon are immortal, it is devastating to witness their "deaths" throughout the series. I would highly recommend this series for anyone who has played the games. They are funny, a bit crass, and a very enjoyable Poke-farce.

I recently decided to take up my own Nuzlocke challenge on the Gameboy Advance Sapphire Version. Several of my friends have partaken in the challenge and I hope to complete it with some success. I will be following these rules in addition to the main two:

3. I must Nickname all Pokemon
4. I can not use any healing items on my Pokemon outside of battle
5. If all my in party Pokemon faint, I lost the game and must start over.
6. I must log all important feats and write updates regularly

For more info on Nuzlocke rules, check out

I plan on choosing Torchic as my starter and I think I will name him Ringo. Updates will be fairly random, as I will need time to actually play the game, write about it, and do my normal college routine.