Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Man Lord of the Rings and a delayed new comic day

Sadly, the Batcave, Conway's comic book store, did not have the books I was looking for today. I hope to  get these issues in the next day or two and do a catch up post. However, I saw something today that easily tops any new comic book Wednesday, One Man Lord of the Rings.

Hendrix student activities chose to host Charlie Ross, the one and only performer, after he came by campus last year performing his One Man Star Wars show. In my excitement, my roommate and I eagerly arrived at our auditorium a full hour before the performance. Thankfully, we were not the only ones so excited to see the show and after about 45 minutes waiting, we were allowed to seat ourselves.

We procured seats in the third row, 3 being the number of Elven rings of power, and after a few minutes of painful anticipation, Ross took the stage. Combining all three films, the performance is based on the extended films, in to one hour of LotR is no easy feat. Ross performs character voices, stage movements, sound effects, and at a few times camera angles, all in a black jumpsuit. The only part of the show not done by Ross is the lighting, which were well queued to suit the scene (Shout out to my boss Sunny from the Media Center).

I laughed, I got the chills, and the crowd loved it. I would easily suggest trying to see this act, or his Star Wars show, if you ever have the chance. For more info, check out the website: