Monday, February 6, 2012

Pokemon Update Extravaganza and Mewtwo's Birthday

There is a need for a update in my world of Pokemon, so here it is, coming at you live on your internet connection.

Cards- This is a pretty big week for Pokemon cards. The new set, NeXt Destinies (yes, the X was intentional), come out on Wednesday. To my chagrin, this set will include the return of EX cards. For those not versed in the card game, imagine very effective and popular cards that are ridiculously rare, those are EX cards. I  pre-ordered a box a while ago and I will be geting that on Wednesday, so hopefully I get a good pull.
In other card news, my friend and former roommate, Adam Bigott has become a front page contributor on Adam is easily one of the better Pokemon writers I have seen in a while and is a damn good player. Adam also has a youtube channel that I occasionally appear on.

Nuzlocke- I have made some headway on my Nuzlocke run. I have also begun a creative interpretation located above in the pages bar.

Mewtwo's Birthday-Today is also Mewtwo's Birthday. Everybody's favorite enraged psychic clone was born on February 6th according to a boo in the Red, Blue and Yellow games. Check the picture for all the details you need