Sunday, March 11, 2012

Google Adsense Dissappoints

First, I would like to apologize to the few people who regularly check this site. I'm just a college kid who likes comics, and feels good to see views pop up on my tracker. I have not been posting recently. I usually try to get a couple of posts in a week, but I have had a lapse in content. I have been busy with school leading up to my Spring Break and haven't had time to write regularly. The other factor leading to my current feeling of discouragement is that my Google Adsense was deleted. I didn't start tis blog in hopes of generating much income, but I appreciated seeing some physical benefit to my hobby.

I was sent an email last week informing me that Google believed some of the clicks I received were fraudulent. I would elaborate more, but I have no other information. I never clicked on my own ads. Google apparently will, without warning, suspend any website's advertisements without any previous notice or negotiation. While I had not amassed a great deal of receivable funds, it totalled about $40 for the two and a half months I had the ads up. Even if I were to appeal, I would not receive the funds due to the suspicions. Because of all this, I may be switching to another blog service in the near future. I appreciate all who view, follow, or support Nerd in the World and I will be writing again shortly.

-Peter Hanneman