Monday, May 28, 2012

The Cut List part 1 of 2: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Well, it has been just about a year since I first started reading comics. I started my exploration of comics with 5 DC subscriptions: "Animal Man", "Birds of Prey", "Green Arrow", "Green Lantern", and "Justice League International". It would be silly to assume I would continue with all these series, considering I picked these titles almost randomly I was hoping to find a single series worth sticking with, and I have. Of all five I am only sticking with "Animal Man". Of course, I have begun following other series since last August and I will be writing about that in part 2. I have compiled my reasons for dropping the 4 series, and reasons for keeping "Animal Man".

The Lone Survivor-

Animal Man- Jeff Lemire has knocked this series out of the park. "Animal Man" combines the darker side of Vertigo titles with the DC universe. "Animal Man" has been battling a force of death called the rot, and I have looked forward to every issue so far.

The Cut List-

Birds Of Prey- Although this book isn't "bad", BoP certainly leaves me wanting more. the issues feel disjointed and the title lacks a good hook to keep it really interesting. If I had unlimited funds, I would certainly continue reading this title, but right now there are plenty more titles more deserving of my $2.99.

Green Arrow- This series has been my biggest disappointment. While GA has always been at the top of my heroes list, I can not continue to support sub par storytelling. The series had a weak start with a run by J.T. Krull and the next two writers failed to bring a quality start to the ongoing series. If "Green Arrow" ends up turning it around, I would love to see some good GA arcs, but it is hardly worth the subscription cost.

Green Lantern- Despite Geoff Johns' work on "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day" was pretty good, his work on the New52 has left me more than a little disappointed. "Green Lantern" is not bad, but it is a continuation on the lengthy "Green Lantern" arcs from before the New52.

Justice League International- JLI falls into the same category of "Birds of Prey". It is not bad, but it hasn't grabbed me. As a side note, it features Guy Gardener, who may be my least favorite DC character.