Saturday, May 12, 2012

Free Time Is For Suckers Vol. #1 or: How I Chose to Make This The Busiest Summer Ever

So, this is the first summer since I really got into comics. In about nine months I went from having a passing interest in the medium to wanting to become a part of the industry. I realized I was heading home for the summer and should use the resources of being in Chicago to get more acquainted with what hopefully will become my career. I assembled a list of a few comicy things I would like to do, I added non-comicy activities, and my summer job that takes about 40-50 hours a week for six weeks. This list may be rough, but I think I got this, check it out:

  • Get in touch with Reading With Pictures the future publishers of "The Graphic Textbook" (check their kickstarter here.)
  • Work part-time in a comic-shop (I would settle for an "internship") 
  • Keep this Blog running and hopefully making it bigger/better
  • Sketch regularly ( I currently suck but I am working on it)
  • Keep reading comics, because what else am I going to write about
  • Plan the founding of a comic book society for Hendrix College ( Nerds unite!)
  • Work on a proposal that will get Hendrix College to send me to San Diego Comic-Con in 2013

  • Job
  • Get a driver's license (20 seems old enough to drive)
  • Try and find an internship for the school year
  • Family/friend time
  • Breathing
Looks like fun right? I also just bought my own copy of Skyrim, so focusing might be a bit of an issue. Check out the next Volume where I try to make a resume!