Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reading With Pictures Kickstarter Fund Successful!: The "Graphic Textbook Is Coming

Reading With Pictures, an organization based in Chicago dedicated to using comics as an effective learning material, has completed their kickstarter fundraiser. Their kickstarter sought to raise at least $65,000 in order to complete and publish a "Graphic Textbook". The book seeks to combine fact and fiction in the medium of comics to create a school book that kids would actually enjoy reading. The book will include sections like "Action Presidents" which are factual but fantastic accounts of our most prominent heads of state. While the kickstarter was only looking for $65,000, the fundraiser was successful in getting  $77,420 in pledges from 970 sponsors. As per kickstarter rules, all fundraisers must offer rewards for donations, the smallest being $10 for a digital version of the book when it is released. The "Graphic Textbook" is set to be released in early 2013, and will hopefully be successful spreading the comic medium to a more academic area.

As a comic fan, I am glad that the medium I favor is being put to use in different areas. Superheroes are nice, but being able to break out of the fantasy only stereo-type that often surrounds the comic medium. While I cannot judge it until I see it, expect a review in 2013, I suspect that the "Graphic Textbook" will be a interesting presentation of child academia.


(final note) kickstarter is filled with interesting comic projects. If you are curious, check out the kickstarte comics site and help an artist get their work out there: Link