Saturday, May 19, 2012

The S**t continues to get real: A review of Morning Glories Vol. #2

As this is a review of the second volume, before I begin, I would like to urge checking out the first review I did of volume #1 and potentially reading the trade paperback.

Morning Glories, which is currently slated to hit its 19th issue, is confusing and awesome series that takes place in the prestigious and mysterious prep school Morning Glory Academy. Shortly after following six new students to the school, things start to get weird as people start dying and school is clearly hiding something sinister. The first volume covers some interesting events with few answers, and it comes as no surprise that the second volume is very similar. Morning Glories is written by Nick Spencer and drawn byJoe Esima.
As the series progresses, the school administration continues to leave mysterious hints to their motives and methods while pulling strings to continually freak out the six new students. Despite the crazy happenings and murders, the students start to go about their normal routines. Friendships, romance and of course bullying occurs regularly between the six as we are introduced to more back story of each character. There isn't much I can say without giving away anything but Morning Glories is an intriguing and strange thriller that is certainly worth reading if you are looking for a series you have to follow to the end.

My one concern about Morning Glories is that from what I have read so ar, the ultimate quality of the story will rely heavily on how it ends. As this series seems a little too strange to be a continuous book, I look forward to the conclusion and hope it is deserving of such a good build up. Once again, check it out and get ready for the third TPB which is supposed to be released in June.