Sunday, June 24, 2012

Superman vs. The Elite: Review

Since my social calendar is pretty much non-existent right now, I get pretty excited about the little things. New comic day, superhero movies, and DC animated features. I am a pretty big fan of DC's catalog of animated features, and the most recent "Superman vs. The Elite" continues the standard of entertaining and pretty good cartoons put out by DC.

"Superman vs The Elite" is based on a turn of the century(2001) issue of "Action Comics" where Superman faces down some new meta-vigilantes who do not shy away from killing the baddies. The premise is the same and, although I have not read the issue, many reviews have said the new animation is quite deeper since it had time to expand upon what was crammed into one issue.

My opinion of the feature lean on the highly positive with a few concessions for the dialog.The premise, animation, and overall tone of "Superman vs The Elite" was quite Good. Superman faced a big threat while dealing with societal concerns toward justice, but it was hard to ignore some of the crappy banter of the members of The Elite. They drop corny lines while criticizing Superman for being a hokey hero, oh the irony. Outside of the leader, Manchester Black, the members of The Elite are stuck in one dimensional ruts. Coldcast is the strong quiet type, The Hat is a drunk, and Menagerie is slut. I would normally shy away from the word "slut", but every time she is on screen, she talks about how much she wants to sleep with Superman, then Manchester Black yells at her to "keep it in her pants", so, I don't have much to go on in the way of diction. Despite the mediocrity of The Elite, the relationship and dialog between Superman and Lois Lane was top notch. Their conversations are witty, cute, and feel very realistic for the two characters.

While I can't say that everyone who loves Superman should go out and buy "Superman vs The Elite", I would say it is worth watching. Try and find it on blu ray, the HD really made the animation pop. Check it out with some nerd buddies so you can make fun of the crappy dialog while enjoying Superman kicking some butt and standing up for truth justice and the American way.