Sunday, July 8, 2012

D-Box Motion FX Theater Seating: Amazing Spider-Man: Review

The most surprising thing about "The Amazing Spider-Man" was how much my mom liked it. I saw it on Wednesday with my family and my mom, Anne, was certain she would not enjoy the film. However, by about 20 minutes in, she was tapping my leg regularly and telling me how good it was. When we first saw the film, we went to the standard picture showing, my dad and I hate having to wear 3D glasses, this left Anne wondering what the experience would be like with 3D, since there are some pretty fun action sequences. Together, we decided to take the experience a step further for our second viewing and Anne, my little sister, and myself reserved D-Box seats at the gaudy but nice Muvico theater.

D-Box is a motion effects seating company that has products for theater and video game seating. The seats move with the action of a film and seek to give you a fun and deeper experience for the exciting parts of a film. For instance, if the Lizard jumps and tackles Spider-Man to the left of the screen, the seat thrusts to the left; if Spider-Man is electrocuted by a taser-bullet, the seat jiggles as if your mucsles were spasming. The seats have three different intensity settings for how much the seats move, naturally, mine was all the way up. Tickets for the special seating, at least at Muvico, were about twice as much as a normal seat, so I was quite glad that Anne was treating. Here's a a link to the official site that has a map of D-Box locations.

Now, for the review-y part. While D-Box is a pretty ridiculous concept, I had a lot of fun using it. I found myself giggling every time the seat jerked around, which was probably distracting to the other patrons, but I loved it. Despite the enjoyable action sequences, I don't think I can recommend seeing "The Amazing Spider-Man" in D-Box seating. Since some of the best parts of the film were the scenes with Peter and his family or Peter with Gwen, I often forgot I was in special seating until the web swinging began again. I would advise using D-Box for the most action filled movie you can find, to get your full money's worth. I enjoyed the experience, but I will probably wait to go back until something like "Expendables 2" comes out.