Saturday, July 28, 2012

Denver's Kilgore Used Books and Comics

While the first day in Denver was dedicated mostly to family history searching in Denver I was able to squeeze one typically nerdy thing into my day. Kilgore books and comics is aptly named after the character from many Kurt Vonnegut novels, Kilgore Trout was a failed science fiction writer, and seems easy to believe one of his books would turn up in a place like this. Kilgore books and comics is small musty and filled with books of all genres including a large science-fiction section. In addition to this there was a shelf filled with independent comics and a large bookshelf filled with used and new trade paperbacks and graphic novels. Although prices were not as good as I expected, I was able to pick up a few things and they had a great selection of comics worth reading.
Here's what I picked up.
"Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow"
"The Monkey in the Basement and Other Delusions"
"Hellboy: Seed of Destruction"

Location:Denver, Co