Monday, July 23, 2012

Logan Hardware: Records and Arcade Games Galore!

This is one of those things I have been forgetting to write for a while, but I now have time due to the completion of my day camp.

Last March while I was visiting Austin, TX with Erin, we visited the arcade mecca of Pinballz Arcade. I love arcade games. While I have almost always had some kind of video game system, I got my first gameboy at age six, something about the classic arcade and pinball hall was always very enticing and fun.  After my visit to Pinballz, I spent some time searching for similar arcades in Chicagoland so I could check them out with my dad, Jeff.  Jeff was the one to show me the greatness of pinball and everything else from the arcade era. I found Logan Hardware and Jeff and I had the pleasure of checking it out a few weeks ago.

Combining a record shop with an arcade, Logan Hardware seemed almost too good to be true. The front of the Logan Hardware is a pretty simple record shop. The selection wasn't spectacular, but most music lovers should have no trouble finding something worth getting; I ended up getting "Wincing the Night Away" LP by the shins. After I made the purchase, the clerk held it behind the counter so that I could explore the back room unhindered; this is the reason I came. In the back is collection of vintage arcade games and pinball machines, all set to free play. This arcade, referred to as the museum, is funded solely by the shops patrons, and it is marvelous. Pinball machines, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and about 30 other games fill the museum and turn this small record shop into a nerd destination.

The whole experience was a little overwhelming the first time around. With normal arcades, I am forced to budget my quarters wisely as I stress about not sucking at games, but the museum had a very relaxed feel about it. If you are looking for a cool way to spend an afternoon in Logan Square, check out Logan Hardware for some new music and some classic games. Here is there website: Link.

Here is a list of all their games:
     Time Warp
     Multi-Ball Firepower
     Last Action Hero
     Pin Bot
     Doctor Who
     Johnny Mnemonic

     Crazy Climber
     Track and Field
     Lunar Rescue
     Elevator Action
     Black Widow
     Vindicators Part 2
     Empire Strikes Back
     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
     Donkey Kong
     Moon Patrol
     Punch Out
     Mario Bros.
     Donkey Kong 3
     Smash TV
     Ms. Pac-Man
     Wizard of Wor
     Missile Command


Location:Oak Park, IL