Friday, November 16, 2012

All New X-Men #1: Review

Hey, you know what we need? MORE X-MEN!!! Now that the way has been cleared for more mutants to be introduced (Thanks, AvX!) We need more mutants to increase the already huge cast of characters that can be swapped in and out of X-Men titles. One of the titles that seems hell-bent on returning to the unnecessarily large amount of mutants is "All New X-Men". I guess the goal is all in the title, there will be all new X-Men. Issue #1 was released on Wednesday as part of the Marvel Now project and was written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Marte Garcia.

All New X-Men is in the direct aftermath of AvX where Cyclops, Magneto, and Emma Frost are seeking out the new mutants created after the Phoenix Force was dispersed. They do this in a less than subtle fashion by breaking into police stations and fighting SWAT teams. All the drama garners some attention from the X-Men on the Jean Grey School. Storm, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, and Beast are none too pleased that Cyclops is being rather brash in his recruitment of new mutants.  Since in the modern Marvel universe Cyclops is always wrong, the team seeks creative methods to bring Cyclops to justice. Beast travels back in time to the Marvel universe of the 60s to recruit the help of the original five X-Men. Beast presumes that since Cyclops must be wrong, (there is no other option, right?) and young Cyclops will be able to talk some sense into his future self. Oh man, look at that plot.

If I seem unimpressed, that's because I am. I think in a universe with new mutants springing up and a more divided group of mutants focusing a story on something as silly as a "Cyclops of Future Past" is pretty dumb. Why not focus on the resurgance of mutants who are sticking their middle finger up to humans and fighting for their right to exist, why over complicate the time-stream even more than it already is? I don't get it, Mr. Bendis, why should I care about this story? I will be keeping it on my list for a couple of months, but "All New X-Men" is on my short list of cuts if it doesn't deliver something better than the first issue.

On a side note, I did enjoy the art and it is clear that the art team was able to pull it together well. Seeing the Beast of the present and the Beast of the past together was interesting and seeing the 60s X-Men in modern art was nice. The two new mutants introduced in #1 seem like they have a normal amount of potential, but their powers just seem like plot devices to assist Cyclops in his crusade for mutanthood, Eva can freeze time, and Christopher can apparently bring people back to life.

The AR clips are pretty good for this issue. The cover gives a brief recap of the events through "House of M" and "AvX", and the first in book AR is background information on the Beast which was a welcomed refresher. Other than that it was pretty simple, and I generally am okay with the AR ploy by Marvel as it is fairly non-intrusive and can be informative.

I give "All New X-Men" #1 a 6/10