Friday, November 16, 2012

Arrow Episode 6: Review

Well, if I am one thing it is loyal. The CW has been airing its latest show Arrow for the past six weeks. While the quality is debatable, the ratings are coming in pretty strong for the show based on DC's Green Arrow. I am a big Green Arrow fan so I have been watching every week and as I have gotten back into the blogging habit, I figured I owed the internet a review on the most recent episode.

Episode 6 opens with a page out of Chris Nolan's Batman series. A realistic version of the Royal Flush Gang rob a bank with solid precision that seems reminiscent of the opening heist in "The Dark Knight" and the stock exchange scene in "The Dark Knight Rises". To be fair, if the makers of "Arrow" are going to borrow ideas, Nolan is a pretty good source.

The plot actually following Oliver Queen, the unnamed vigilante who looks a lot like a green archer of sorts, was pretty solid. Ollie is pushed into investigating the robbery by his muscular Alfred figure, Digg. Ollie discovers that the members of the Royal Flush Gang are actually a family that became destitute after the father was laid off by Queen Industries. Ollie feels some guilt and decides to give the family a chance to change their ways. Instead of being gracious recipients, as all poor people should be in the world of fiction, the King of the Royal Flush rejects Ollie's offer and decides to go for one last job. He gets his comeuppance and ends up getting shot by a security guard and dying. Ollie feels guilt and decides to hang out with his mom who he has been ditching lately. This final scene could be considered touching if it weren't for the fact that she appears to be fairly evil in the previous episodes. All in all the episode is a wash as we are left knowing nothing about the outcome of the rest of the family which may actually interest us more than Ollie's mom being sad.

While the plot of "Arrow" is not terrible, the dialog and most of the acting leaves a lot to be desired. The makers of the show seem to be going after the evil corporate world in some sort of pop culture response to the occupy movement and economic recession of 2008. This could lead to some over simplification of complex issues, but it does make a pretty good setting for "Arrow". In the end, I feel content with a decent live action show about Green Arrow. It could get better, but it certainly isn't the worst show to come from a comic.

Arrow airs on Wednesday at 8PM E on the CW.

Be warned, the contents below cover the side story-

From the excitement of the main plot, we transition into the side plot of the episode where pro-bono attorney Dinah Laurel Lance has some tedious dialog with her coworker and Tommy Merlyn, Oliver Queen's skeezy best friend. If you choose to watch the show, do yourself a favor and skip any part that does not involve the main plot, you'll live longer. Lance's law firm is low on funds and in an attempt to court the lovely attorney, Merlyn offers to throw a banquet fundraiser. At the banquet, Merlyn is saddened that some former classmate seems to have the hots for the afore mentioned attorney. In his sadness, Merlyn hangs out with Thea, Oliver's teenage-ish sister. Despite the fact that Thea is generally pretty drunk and on some sort of unnamed prescription that isn't hers, she gathers her wits about her and professes some sort of attraction to Merlyn. Merlyn declines and Thea promptly pukes her guts out, because it works well to have this drunken teenager be completely miserable. Our lovely attorney then encounters Merlyn and explains that the saintly classmate is actually a pompus ass and that Merlyn still has a shot. Go Merlyn!

Like I said, the side story is pretty awful.

I give "Arrow" episode 6 a 5/10