Monday, November 19, 2012

Nerdcore Hits Hendrix: MC Lars Raps About the Internet and Poe

The signature read "Peter, you are very responsible
and beautiful, MC Lars"
While I am not the biggest nerdcore fan, I will say that when a performer comes to your college, it's worth going to. Last Wednesday, Hendrix hosted a performance by MC Lars, one of the more recognizable names in the nerdcore rap sub-genre. While there was just a small crowd, apparently he wasn't recognizable enough, I had a great time trying to catch all the pop-culture references in his hour long set. From literary raps about Edgar Allan Poe and Moby Dick, to an ode dedicated to ska music, MC Lars performed with energy and a surprisingly overly upbeat attitude. In between each song he would thank the audience, talk about some random topic, say how joyful he was and then introduce the next rap. It was one of the more unusual concerts I had been to.

One thing I did learn from this performance is that to enjoy listening to nerdcore you have to not give a shit about what anyone thinks of you for liking it. Nerdcore takes Weird Al level lyrics mixes in some originality and scheme, and puts it to a beat. I enjoyed what I heard but I found myself feeling strangely self-conscious about being there. My best guess at explaining this would be to say that this was a level of nerd I was not fully comfortable with yet. While I read comics and play Pokemon and tell just about everybody about it, branching into nerdier music is a new step. I can't say now how I feel about nerdcore music a s a whole, but I think I can leave it at this, I enjoyed what I saw last Wednesday, and the album I picked up is pretty funny(MC Lars was very happy to autograph it).