Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thor: God of Thunder #1: Review

Marvel is rolling out the new titles and renumberings under the moniker "Marvel Now". One of the many new additions is the series "Thor: God of Thunder", the first issue was released yesterday written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Esad Ribic. Although I have not read much Thor previously, TGOT has exceed my expectations of what goes into a Thor book.

The story jumps through time following Thor at different moments in his life, all of which intertwine with the murder of gods. There appears to be, he is never shown, a being who systematically hunts and murders pantheons of gods. We are shown Thor when he first encounters such an act, when he discovers an entire pantheon murdered, and when he is presumed to be the last living god, several millennia in the future.

TGOT #1 jumps into the story well without relying too heavily on extended exposition. The reader learns about Thor in the context of the story which keeps a good pace throughout the issue. TGOT also explores Thor's long life span and what kind of toll that takes on a being continuously plagued by hardship and challenge. Aaron's writing is insightful without being blatant to the message and I applaud him on a good first issue in a new marketing ploy by Marvel.

The art of TGOT is on the realistic side with some fairly dark tones. Darkness, night, and shadows abound in this first issue and set a darker tone for this arc. Ribic's differently aged Thors all represent his age and outlook well. The young god, slaying monsters and sleeping with villagers, the modern hero that we recognize, and then the elderly Thor whose outlook is bleak as he faces an army of destruction.

TGOT's use of Marvel's now widely implemented AR system is fairly mediocre save for the clip from Ribic. He talks about the different tones he tried to implement at the different moments in Thor's life. Ribic's comments are really pretty interesting given the medium, even if it is in a short clip. I wont mention the other AR clips as they were pretty dumb and I wasn't even able to get one of them to work.

Keep it coming, Marvel. I have added "Thor: God of Thunder" to my pull list and I look forward to future issues.

I give "Thor: God of Thunder" #1 a 8/10