Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Where Is Jake Ellis?" #1: Review

I made a quick pop by Austin Books and Comics today and picked up, among other things, "Where is Jake Ellis" #1. WIJE is the sequel to Nathan Edmondson's "Who is Jake Elis?" series and continues the Bourne-esque storyline of former CIA agent Jon Moore. Moore shares a psychic link with Ellis and together, they are trying to figure out exactly what gave them this ability and how to reconnect with each other and reality. Issue #1 sets up the search for Jake Ellis who has recently awoken from a coma. Jon is searching, but runs into trouble in the form of assassins and agencies looking for him. Both Jon and Jake try to escape to little avail. #1 is a fun start to the story, but if you want exposition, read "Who is Jake Ellis".  The Jake Ellis series is a pretty nifty take on the espionage genre. It may be exceedingly similar to the Bourne films, but the addition of something more paranormal is nifty. WIJE is far from perfect, but certainly worth a look if you want to spend an afternoon with an exciting read.

Oh, I almost forgot the art. Tonci Zonjic is the illustrator for the Jake Ellis series, and his work is phenomenal. Long action sequences complement Edmondson's dialog. Zonjic's work is incredibly cinematic and looks like well taken still from animation. I can feel the movement and the continuity between panels. Props to Zonjic.

I give "Where is Jake Ellis?" #1 a 7/10.