Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Break is Weird

I have been out of the blogosphere about a week longer than expected, but I was stricken with a deep desire to do nothing for a while. While this effect still lingers, I am being my own form of productive where I do things in 30 minutes bursts. Being back home is strange in that I have little to do and no one is around, it leads to many moments of contemplation. If you need a physical meter of my boredom, here it is, I watched this loop all the way through.

 I did get a nice package in yesterday that included the D&D Essentials Dungeon Master's Kit and the Monster Vault. I will be starting up a new campaign next semester with some friends and I am looking forward to DMing (an unusual verb).

While I am sure some film reviews will pop up over the next month due to the many releases coming up, my comics will all but stop. I m leaving my box open at the Bat Cave in Conway so as to avoid having to go to One Stop Comics here in Oak Park, I really don't like that place. I should be checking out "The Hobbit" over the weekend and I am pretty excited about that.