Thursday, January 31, 2013

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #1: Review

While I don't consider myself more than a mid level whovian, I have always been interested in exploring the pre-2005 Doctor Who characters. I haven't gotten around to watching the old stuff on Netflix yet, so when I saw a comic with the first Doctor's face on it, I was curious to see what it was about. "Prisoners of Time" is a 12 part mini series that will include every incarnation of the Doctor. Issue #1 was written by Scott and David Tipton (known for their Star Trek comics) with art by Simon Fraser (2000 AD) and is published by IDW.

The story is a pretty cut and dry Doctor Who plot. The 1st Doctor and his companions pop out of the TARDIS in the 19th century, meet someone of historic significance and stop a small alien invasion. The only real twist comes when the Doctor's companions seem to disappear after the defeat of the alien Animus. While this particular story wasn't spectacular, there seems to be a building story, and this was the basic introduction.

While the writing produced no real opinion, I must comment that I really did not care for the art of the book. There doesn't seem to be a distinct style that adds to the story and many of the faces look downright crappy. Despite the mediocrity of the interior, the cover art by Francesco Francavilla is a wonderful portrait of the 1st Doctor. If I weren't a Doctor Who fan, I would probably not go past the first issue, but I think the story will pick up pretty quickly in future issues.
I give Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time a 7 out of 10.