Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dungeons and Dragons

Today I begin my first campaign as a dungeon master. I'm pretty pumped and ready to start leading a campaign after enjoying D&D for over a year now. The campaign is the one from the 4th edition red box, but instead of playing the D&D light rules included, my newbie players are following the standard 4e rules.

In addition to this campaign, a few other interesting developments have happened in the past week. I began my internship, and I will be starting a radio show with my friend and nerd compatriot, Caleb. My internship is centered around learning small business management and I will be working at the Bat Cave comic shop all semester. In addition to normal shopkeeping, I will be working on individual projects to help out in a few areas the store needs. The radio show Caleb and I are starting will be called "Holographic Charizard" and it centers around our love of nerdy topics and some appropriate music. The show starts next Saturday at 6 PM and you can listen in at, the Hendrix online radio station.