Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's Time To Speculate!

The Pokemon Company released the first preview of their upcoming Pokemon X and Y today. While the preview was two minutes long, it gave few details on setting story or new pokemon other than the starters and legendaries. Naturally this means fans will begin speculating, and I love speculating. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out here.

And here we go!

Parisian or European?: Why is Pikachu on top of the Eiffel Tower? It is a well known tower used to broadcast radio and television, but I feel as though this was a hint at the inspiration for the new location. Buildings shown seem very European and a Pokemon-ish Eiffel Tower is present in this photo.
In addition to the buildings, the clothing could easily be Pokemon's version of European clothing (Did you see the Black and  White outfits?). The final point I will put in the European idea is the starter Fennekin, pictured below.
This pokemon seems clearly based on the Fennec Fox, an animal native to North Africa, parts of which were controlled by the French for many years. The Fennec Fox also appears in the famous French book "The Little Prince".

Major Changes In Game Play: The 3D format seems to have sparked a long overdue interest in adding to basic game play. The trailer shows several spots that look a lot like platformer games and easily could be. There seem to be roller skates available and these may be a replacement for the standard bicycle. Of course 3D battle scenes will be quite fun on the handheld and I am sure more changes will come out of the woodwork.

Global Release Date: The game will be released everywhere in October. No more waiting while Japanese consumers the new world without us, Wooh!

Hit me up with your thoughts concerning the trailer, I would love to here them.