Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marvel Is Finally Bringing Their DCU to iOS

Marvel's ever-growing  digital collection will soon be available for iOS users. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited is a subscription service available through the Marvel website. It allows subscribers to read thousands of classic and new-ish comics for a monthly or yearly fee. While the idea is great, the service had one fatal flaw for Apple users, it was Flash based. Since iPhones and iPads cannot use Flash, Apple loving comic book nerds, like myself, were unable to fully utilize a subscription.

Marvel is currently redesigning the service with HTML which will allow iOS subscribers to access the collection and read all the classic stories on the go. While I let my yearly subscription lapse due to low usage, I may resubscribe since I will be able to use my handy dandy iPad to read comics published 50 years ago. Check out the service at . For more info, check out TechHive.