Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Continual Facepalm That is "King of the Nerds"

You know what? I shouldn't have watched it, but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to view the premiere episode of TBS's new reality competition show, "King of the Nerds". KOTN pits 11 nerds against each other in feats of nerdom with the ultimate goal being crowned king of a hard to define sub-culture and winning $100,000.

The contestants vary in both tolerability, intelligence, and nerd specialty. While the only one I kind of liked, Jon, loves math, physics, and heavy metal there are gamer nerds, computer science nerds, and so on. Enter the first issue of this show, what is nerd? Everyone is vying for some goal of being the best nerd, but what does that entail? The criteria of nerdom is too broad to really have a definite and conclusive champion. So, while someone may know the entire DC comics canon and have a Ph.D. in Physics, they could be taken down by something like Star Trek trivia. The concept of the show doesn't work. Now, following this flawed concept, we have 11 20-somethings following the commands of Booger and Lewis from "Revenge of the Nerds". Most of the contestants fall into the category of insufferable, while touting whatever stereotype fits them best. The end goal of the show seems to be to find a nerd identical to those on "The Big Bang Theory"(One of the many mediocre shows syndicated on TBS) without realizing that a nerd like that doesn't really exist.

While I cannot say that this show has redeeming qualities, I can say that the first episode was not quite as bad as I anticipated, but it seems unlikely that the show will improve. If you would like to waste 50 minutes of your life, the first episode, and all future ones can be streamed on