Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Break Movie Quick Reviews

I saw a bunch of films over Winter Break and here are my quickie reviews on all of them. I'll be heading back to Arkansas tomorrow and then off to San Francisco for a week long service trip.

Django Unchained- 8/10

Tarantino's latest film  takes us on a predictable journey of vengeance and the atrocities of the antebellum South. I liked it significantly more than Inglorious Basterds, but as always I have some ethical issues with Tarantino.

Les Miserables- 6.5/10

While I enjoyed most performances, the camerawork made me feel like was standing awkwardly close to all the singers.

Lincoln- 9/10

Easily one of the better biopics I have ever seen and very exciting despite being based on history. Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field were great as the first couple and I loved all the supporting roles. It will make you go back and read up on the Civil War era if you weren't already.

Silver Linings Playbook- 8/10

An off-kilter take on romance. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have realistically awkward but cute chemistry as they come to terms with their own psychological issues.

The Hobbit- 6.5/10

Fairly disappointing considering its film predecessors. I hope the next two are better. My full review

This is 40- 7/10

There were a lot of funny moments in this film, but the overarching storyline felt lacking. Instead of calling it the almost sequel to "Knocked Up", it felt more like a continuation to "Clueless"(which I happen to love).