Thursday, February 7, 2013

Can Pokemon be Serious?

Pokemon was released in America 15 years ago, I'll give you a moment to think about that.

Anyone who played the original Pokemon games, had cards from base set, or watched the first season as it came out is in the age range of 19 and 27, give or take those who were teenagers for the release. Many people, myself included, have played the games continuously and are rather loyal to Pokemon as a franchise. While many are content with the continuation of the Pokemon status quo, kid friendly games that are still quite fun if you are into crazy monster RPG stuff. However, I have sensed some rumblings around the internet urging for a more adult story line set in the Pokemon universe. Most recently, this has taken form in webcomics. Comics like Pokemon: Hard Mode take a different view from the standard narrative while still being pretty light. However a new development has occurred in the form of a Pokemon-noir comic that has been making the rounds on different internet sources. The comic is called Pokemon Center and is written and drawn by Ray Bruwelheide. In case you haven't seen it yet, check it out under here:

So, this comic is two things; Phenomenal and a completely different take on the Pokemon universe. What was the response? People love it! There is a clear demand for this type of work that is parody, but it is serious parody. You can liken it back to comics where we learn to love the characters and world through the childish side and then we crave to see those characters in a serious light. This comic does that in a wonderful way. Why can't people die in the pokemon universe? what are the actual consequences of large organized crime? Why haven't we utilized Todd Snap? These are all things that can be explored in a more serious story set in a world many are familiar with and fond of. Like everyone else, I hope this series continues and inspires others to pursue a similar goal.

Check out Ray Bruwelheide website to see his other work,