Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Petition Seeks to Reach DC Comics After Hiring of Orson Scott Card

Rumblings of a boycott occurred after DC announced a new "digital first" series entitled "Adventures of Superman". The series is set to launch in the digital comics format in April and take after the "Legends of the Dark Knight" series in which different writers and artists take a swing at crafting stand alone stories. Orson Scott Card, famous for the "Ender's Game" series, is set to write the first two stories.

Card is a member of the Mormon church and has previously stated his opposition to homosexuality. In his 2004 essay entitled "Homosexual Marriage and Civilization", Card states that allowing gay marriage would eventually lead to the downfall of civilization. While these are his personal opinions and would not necessarily be reflected in his work, DC has been making significant strides in including LGBTQ characters in their new52 series such as Bunker and the Earth2 Green Lantern, and hiring a writer who has become notorious for his view of LGBTQ people seems counterproductive. Understandably, many comic fans found DC's hiring of an active opponent to Gay Marriage a little dissatisfying, and have since launched a campaign to have Card removed. The petition is located on AllOut.org. As of this post, the petition stands at just under 6,000 of the 10,000 goal.

Here is a funny strip by the gutters concerning Card's potential story: