Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bravest Warriors and Catbug May Be My Favorite Thing on YouTube

This post is a smidge out of date, but since views on Pendleton Ward's "Bravest Warriors" are far from exemplary they could probably use the independent micro-nerd-blog bump.

Bravest Warriors is a webshow created by "Adventure Time" creator Pendleton Ward produced for the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. It tells the tale of 4 teenaged space heroes, their invisible base, and the strange creatures they interact with. While episodes are half as long as "Adventure Time", averaging about 6 minutes, the stories are just as wonderful.

Like "Adventure Time", the side characters are strange, wonderful, and utterly adorable. The creatures that don't have the most screen time, but are always the highlight. In "Bravest Warriors" that role is filled by Catbug who is possibly the cutest thing to ever be drawn.

Check out bravest warriors on the Cartoon Hango
ver channel and check out the videos below  The first video is episode 1 of the 12 episode season, and the second video is a compilation of Catbug awesomeness.