Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Batman/Superman #1: Review

I have been looking forward to "Batman/Superman" for a little while. Luckily, I was not disappointed. DC definitely put some pressure on making this title pretty cool and this issue can certainly be the kick off for a solid series. "Batman/Superman" is the conjoined tale of DC's two biggest heroes. In previous years, stories like this have been published in World's Finest, but that title has since been taken over by Huntress and Power Girl. "Batman/Superman" is written by Greg Pak, with art by Jae Lee and Ben Oliver.

The art of this book is what stands out first, it is phenomenal. The art is split between the two artists with Lee illustrating the first 18 pages and Oliver the last 7. Both artists capture tone very well, and I especially enjoy Lee's character design and use of original panels. On writing, Pak sets up exposition to Clark and Bruce's relationship while teasing out the beginning of the first arc's plot. The story isn't phenomenal, but that's not why I read a book about Batman and Superman. I bought this book for the interactions between the two characters. Two men who despite their immense differences become friends and colleagues in their personal pursuits for improving the world. Pak captures this pretty well through interactions between Bruce & Clark and Batman & Superman. On the whole I would say this is a beautiful comic with a solid story that could lead to a pretty good arc. Pick it up at a shop and you'll be convinced t buy it by the cover alone. I give "Batman/ Superman" #1 an 8/10.