Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Job Money = Video Games (Animal Crossing)

My first substantial paycheck came through and I was pretty excited to spend some of it. As it is summer time, I have been feeling the desire to play some new games. With my trusty 3DS in hand I picked up Tetris Axis (because Tetris), Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked (a rerelease of an old favorite), Pushmo (because puzzles), and Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Video games in the summer time may be one of my favorite things. I rarely have enough time to dig in to games during school, so having 3 months with no exams, papers, and assignments is very beneficial to my gaming side. I love my 3DS and given a choice, I will always take a handheld over a console. That being said I am very happy to have picked up these titles.

There isn't much to say about the first 3 games. They were mainly titles I had been meaning to pick up for a while and I finally had the time to play around with them. I decided to get New Leaf due to the massively positive response I have been seeing from reviewers, friends, and various nerd folks on twitter. Despite the fact that I had a much beloved Gamecube, I never played the original Animal Crossing.

I haven't been able to dive in too much, my little sister has had more time to play it, but I have really enjoyed it so far. Since I am pretty green, I don't know all the basics that people like from the franchise, but I really enjoy the calming placidness of creating a small country village. It reminds me of The Sims, except that I actually enjoy Animal Crossing. Your character begins on a train headed for a new town. You inexplicably become the mayor and from then on it is all about enjoying your life and improving your village. I see Animal Crossing almost as an extension of your 3DS profile and I found it surprising that my character did not look like my 3DS mii. Considering the 3DS has features designed for random encounters between 3DS owners, Animal Crossing New Leaf may be one of the best titles for the 3DS. I give Animal Crossing New Leaf a 10/10.