Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Nerd Music

While trying to fill up the time between work (some people call it night time) I caught wind of MC Chris's tour, "Revenge of the Nerd Tour 2". Please enjoy the lovely poster.
I am not a big MC Chris fan, but he will be touring with Tribe One, Jesse Dangerously, and Dr. Awkward who are some pretty great nerd rappers on their own. Not wanting to miss the chance to see these guys I picked up a ticket for their July 24th show in Chicago and I am pretty pumped. If you dig the nerd rap scene, or want to hear something different, check out the tour schedule at MC Chris's website:

On a side note, everybody's favorite chiptune band, Anamanaguchi, released their album "Endless Fantasy" and successfully obliterated a kickstarter. I kicked in last minute and have a vinyl edition coming to me soon. It is a great album, you should probably go listen to it, like right now. Here's the title track.