Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cartoon Hangover's "Bee and Puppycat" #1

If you enjoy "Adventure Time" and haven't checked out Cartoon Hangover's Youtube Channel, you are missing out. CH is part of Frederator Studios and they are responsible for bringing "Bravest Warriors", and some other shows I don't care about as much, to Youtube. On July 11 CH put out the first episode of their new series "Bee and Puppycat". The show follows Bee, a twenty something with employment issues and her dog/cat friend that fell out of the sky. The monologue of Bee is a wonderful mix of self loathing and wry humor while her actions are that of awkward exuberance.  Considering "Bee and Puppycat" was created by Natasha Allegri who works as a character designer for "Adventure Time", it shouldn't be surprising that this show captures some interesting feelings while retaining its humor and adorable style. I can't say too much about it as part #1 is only five minutes long, but I really enjoyed it and would recommend checking it out. Part #2 wont be out until August, but I am excited to see the story continue. 

On a side note, season 2 of "Bravest Warriors" begins on the July 18th.