Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The 5 Commandments of Wonder Trade

In the 2013th year of our lord Arceus, Pokemon fans were given yet another amazing thing. Wonder Trade is easily one of the spiffiest features of X & Y not because it allows you to ditch box-warming Pokemon with little guilt, but because it gives you the possibility of getting something cool in return. By pairing up trainers randomly to trade, everyone can experience trading without having other friends online. However, with a system like Wonder Trade there exist some inherent flaws. A level of anonymity may cause people to be inconsiderate jerk-faces. If you would like to Wonder Trade but would like to avoid being called such names, follow these simple commandments and you will be in the right with both those you trade with and your eternal Poke-soul.
(prepare for some poorly written mock bible speech)

1. Thou Shalt Share the wealth-
    - Have a Pokemon with Pokerus? Spread the love to everyone. Have a cool Pokemon appear in a friend safari? Catch a few and send them out. Did you breed 5 boxes of starters? Some kid would love to get your extras. Whether or not karma is real, giving rare or strategically valuable Pokemon freely can be its own reward.
2. If Thou Do Not Wanteth a level 4 Pansear, who doth?
    -If you didn't want it, why would someone else? If it is a common Pokemon from one of the early routes, do not fret, everyone else has already caught one. The one exception to this would be if said common early Pokemon was bred competitively, because who could say no to an IV bred Bidoof?
3. Nameth and Thou Shall Receiveth
    -Everyone catches bad Pokemon and everyone wants to get rid of them, while hopefully getting something cool in return. However, if someone insists on putting crappy Pokemon out there the least they could do is make them interesting. Nicknames make Pokemon personal or at least funny. I recently received a Karrablast in a Wonder Trade. There was nothing interesting about it other than its name. The trainer who captured this Karrabalast decided to name it RonnieDio. A stupid name yes, but it made me smile and it turned getting a junky Pokemon into a pleasant experience.
4. Thou Shalt not Regift
    -Whenever you get something crappy in a Wonder Trade the least productive thing you can do is throw it back into the trading mix. Nobody wants that Bidoof and if you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Let the Bidoofs go.
5. Go Forth and Trade
    -Wonder Trade is a really interesting feature. The more we as Pokemon players do it, the more chances we have of getting something really cool. Breed a boxful of something and go to town, just keep the previous commandments in mind before you dive in.