Friday, November 1, 2013, The Goodreads For Video Games

Useful opinions about game can be hard to come by. Game reviewers, while being well versed in gaming, can overlook certain points important to the potential buyer. Conversely, user reviews on traditional game sites have a tendency to stick to "this is the greatest game ever" or "this game sucks so hard, people who like this must be nazis" duality. However, Clayton Correia may b changing that with Dpadd is a site designed to function similar to, but instead of books people will be logging and reviewing video games they have played. I set up an account and quickly started adding some of my recent titles with short reviews and star ratings. Dpadd also allows users to follow others activities. Dpadd is young, launched earlier this year, and is still in development, but as it stands Dpadd is an easy and helpful way to share opinions about games while seeing what other players think. Correia is still looking for ways to improve the site and is inviting users to send him comments on what to change. I was able to have a brief correspondence with Correia which you can check out below.

How would you best describe what is?
-Dpadd is a social, online journal for gamers. It includes features to let users share what they play, record what they want to play, review titles and much more. It is built from the ground up, as a social tool that aims to connect gamers in meaningful ways around their gaming activity.

Have you been collaborating with anyone or is Dpadd a one man show for now?
-For now Dpadd is a one man show. I handle all the day to day design, development, support and marketing.
During the development process, a friend of mine (who is a much better programmer than me) did some work on the site in exchange for me doing some design work on his indie game. My girlfriend, who is a former UI designer at Microsoft has also helped out with designing a few of the features/screens. I'd say I did about 95% of the design and development of the site.

What made you want to create Dpadd?
-Before Dpadd I had been recording the games I played and wanted to play in a spreadsheet for over 5 years. I would even rate and review games once I finished them. Eventually, I wanted a way to share this activity with friends and other gamers, which is how Dpadd came about.

How long have you been developing Dpadd?
-I started building Dpadd at the very end of 2012 and launched an invite-only beta in March 2013. So it took just under a year to get Dpadd ready for the public launch (which was just a few weeks ago).

Where would you like to go with Dpadd/ what do you think the next step is?
-I definitely have a vision for how I'd like to see Dpadd grow and develop. Right now, however, the next step is for me to learn from the people using the site. I want to build the site so that others can record and share their gaming updates the way they want to. So right now I'm 100% focused on gathering feedback and understanding the needs of gamers.

What do you think Dpadd will add to the gaming community?
-I hope Dpadd will add value to the gaming community much as Goodreads has with the reading community. I want Dpadd to be more than just a tool to record your gaming, I want to foster mature, quality discussion between gamers. I also think that with enough scale Dpadd will allow gamers to connect with industry professionals and high profile gamers in new and interesting ways.

Do you think there are benefits that come with fan reviews?
-I do. I think that there are benefits to democratizing the game review process. You get a more balanced set on opinions than you do when you just follow the standard gaming authorities. I've also found gamers on Dpadd that have similar taste to me so their opinions are more valuable when it comes to making purchasing decisions. 
Eventually I'll also be able to build out recommendations centered around how you reviewed other titles. For me, recommendations from sites like Goodreads have been incredibly valuable for determining what content to consume.

Do you foresee this going to a mobile app?
-Yes. I've begun work on a mobile version of the site (when viewed in a mobile browser). Native apps will come later down the road.

I am very in to my 3DS would there be a way to add friend code to the profile since you have PSN and Xbox on there?
-Absolutely, I'll add it to the queue!