Friday, November 22, 2013

Pokemon Origins

Pokemon Origins may be my favorite Pokemon show/movie. The Pokemon mini series, which has been out in Japan for a while, has been given an English dub and was released in the US via the Pokemon Channel app. The series follows the story of Red, the hero and player character of the original Pokemon games. The story is effectively a summation of the events of the Red/Blue games, with some added drama and a couple of new story points at the end.  The series is only four 20 minute episodes, so it is a quick watch overall.

While the story should be nothing new to those who played the original games, excluding the end of series, Pokemon Origins did something rather incredible. I have been playing Pokemon since I received my first gameboy in in 1998. The simple story that takes place in Red and Blue has played through my head enough times that it has lost some of its luster. However, when I watched Origins I didn't feel like I was watching the retelling of something old, it felt like I was playing Pokemon for the first time again. The character red faces the same things any player of the games did and he holds the same excitement for Pokemon as I did when I first played it. It was wonderful to relive some of those moments. It is a great little series and I hope Pokemon takes the hint that this is something that would be appreciated by many longtime Pokemon fans.