Friday, November 8, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

Instead of diligently studying last night I decided to hit up the early showing of Thor: The Dark World. Here are some of my thoughts, they should be spoiler free, excluding info that can be ascertained from trailers.

While I understand those who may dislike the film, after watching it and thinking a little, I must say that I really enjoyed Thor: TDW. Yeah, the story was weird and there wasn't that much to tie into the Avengers film universe, but there was plenty of really nifty things to counteract that. Thor certainly felt more human this time around which added made the "I like to hit things with my hammer" guy much more approachable. Additionally, I really enjoyed the role of the non-Asgardian characters as they deal with the impending threat on the ground level, while adding some comic relief. The scenes with Loki range from marginally touching to snarky and hilarious. Loki is back on a more down low level after the whole taking of the world thing he did in The Avengers and it plays well with his unknown alignment. Of all segments of the movie, the enemy was probably the least interesting. If this were a comic book, all of their issues could be dealt with in a single issue. Yes, they are a serious threat, but they lacked good motive past the "they just want to do this evil thing" barrier.

Overall the plot eked out an average feeling from me of some great high points and several lows, but what turned this film into something I plan on seeing again was the final action sequence. Superhero movies can have a habit of making fights kind of dull. Yes it will always be fun to see well choreographed fighting, but with the overabundance of hero movies I always hope for something more creative. I won't give it away, but I really enjoyed the direction they went in with the final action sequence in Thor:TDW. It was able to bridge the valley of action with a good amount of humor and clever mechanics.

I won't give this an objective rating, but I will predict that many will find this to be an interesting chapter in the Marvel universe.

p.s. Wait until the end of both credit rolls. The final stinger isn't especially important, but I liked it.