Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some pre-E3 screenshots of Hyrule Warriors

With E3 coming up, my inner nintendo lover is about to explode with anticipation. Nintendo's E3 lineup isn't publicly known, but there are some educated guesses that can be made about what they will showcase. Of the many possible choices, I can say that Hyrule Warriors will probably be there, as it was announced back in December and is slated to come out some time this year. Hyrule Warriors will take the characters, settings, and enemies of The Legend of Zelda series and present them through a Dynasty Warriors, horde battling, game. It looks quite fun and will hopefully be a game to help pull the Wii U up a little, along with other upcoming titles.

The Japanese website for Hyrule Warriors released a set of screenshots recently and they show some pretty cool things. Link is shown beating up hordes of bokoblins and other baddies but a few new aspects of the game are also revealed. Impa, Zelda's bodyguard/handmaiden (depending on the game), will be a playable character and the game looks like it will have an original story with its own new bosses (those weirdos in the helmets).

I look forward to seeing what else is released about Hyrule Warriors at E3 (June 10-12), and hope that  it's as fun as it looks.

Check out the slideshow by GameXplain for the new photos