Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Post-Commencement Re-Commencement?

It has been some time since I last wrote on this now 2 year old project. There are many reasons leading up to this, but I will credit it to being busy, senior year funk, and abandoning most of my comic reading. I have no current monthly subscriptions, and I don't know when I will take that back up. I still love comics, but it is hard to write about something you aren't doing very much of. I have now graduated from Hendrix, and am temporarily filling the nerd stereotype of living in my parents basement while I look for permanent, and moderately well paying, employment.

Going forward, I plan to keep this blog up and may make it more of a personal experience blog. Since its beginning I kept trying to make this blog about more current and news items, but that is pretty difficult without any other people or extraordinary time to commit to following all of my interests. I will now write about things I do, shortly after I do them, whether or not they are recent. If I read a 10 year old book, I'll write my thoughts on it. I think this will lead to more posts, more interesting posts, and a happier me.

Thanks for reading