Friday, September 18, 2015

Critique The Week: Friday, September 18, 2015

This week:
  • A complete week with "Mario Maker"!
  • The announcement of a new president of Nintendo (Tatsumi Kimishima).
  • "Destiny: The Taken King" came out.
  • The release of "Plague of Shadows" a new free DLC for "Shovel Knight".

But no matter your thoughts on those happenings, all this shit is still going on:
  • The refugee crisis continues in Europe and the middle east.
  • Ahmed Mohamed, a 14 year-old, was arrested for making a clock and bringing it to school. 
  • The GOP had another debate sparking this type of response:
    • No but for real, explaining Ansem, Organization XIII, and the concept of Nobodies provides greater narrative clarity than this debate.— Satchell Drakes (@SatchellDrakes) September 17, 2015
  • Global uncertainties led the federal reserve to keep interest rates incredibly low, where they have been for about 7 years now.
  • Flash-floods and wildfires hit different parts of the American West.
  • and many more!
On a personal level, here's what happened with me:

  • I replayed the story mode of "Tony Hawk's American Wasteland", no horrible regrets there.
  • I struggled with my own design abilities when confronted with Mario Maker.
  • I started playing both Super "Mario Land 2" and "Wario Land II".
  • I downloaded and started "Plague of Shadows", the "Shovel Knight" DLC.
  • I didn't purchase any of the new amiibo, not that I had the chance.
  • I posed my little squid in many tacky Instagram photos, I regret nothing
  • I got my wonderful girlfriend to start playing "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon"

Final review, the week stinks! But hey, fall shows are starting up soon. so there's that.

Womp wompingly yours,